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Hardware/Software Requirements
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The MetaCart Free eCommerce Shopping Cart System for Small Businesses and Developers is fully customizable for easy integration into your web site. To adapt the code to your own site, you will need to know HTML and have some familiarity with Active Server Pages, VBScript and MS Access databases.

MetaCart Free is a server/client shopping system based on Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP) technology hooked to a Microsoft Access 2000 (*.mdb) database.

After installation and setup, the system readies your site for eCommerce. Customers can peruse your catalog of products and add the items they wish to purchase to their "shopping basket."

The customer then enters shipping and payment details and submits his/her order, which is then processed and posted to a database.

MetaCart Freeis designed for manual processing of orders.

Hardware/Software Requirements

To use MetaCart Free, your eCommerce site will need to be hosted on a web server that supports Active Server Pages, such as Microsoft NT Server with at least Internet Information Server (IIS) 4.0 or Windows 2000 Server with IIS 5.0.

You will also need a good website design and HTML editing program (such as FrontPage 2000 or Visual InterDev 6.0), and Microsoft Access to create your own database or to edit the one that comes with the application. MetaCart Free  was developed using FrontPage 2000, Visual Basic 6.0, and Visual InterDev 6.0 on a Windows 98 platform using Visual Studio 6.0 with Personal Web Server with Windows NT Option Pack 4. The MetaCart demo is hosted on a Windows 2000 NT Server.

For MetaCart Free  to work properly on your local Windows NT or Windows 95/98 machine, you will need to have Microsoft Personal Web Server 4.0 with Windows NT Option Pack 4 installed. You can download the option pack from Microsoft's web site.

The only requirement for your customers is that their machine accept cookies since the application uses browser session cookies for some features. The cookies expire when the user session expires. No cookies are permanently stored on the customer's computer.

Additional Installation/Setup Instructions

Additional installation and setup instructions, as well as the End-User License Agreement, are included in the README.txt file, in the MetaCart eCommerce application download package. Use of MetaCart is governed by the terms of this Agreement. The code pages also contain instructions for modfiying the application.

NOTE: The README_dsnless.txt file includes resources for finding answers to the most frequently encountered problems with installation of ASP-based applications. These involve the correct directory location of the global.asa file, the proper setting of permissions on a network or hosting server and connecting to the database. Please read these instructions carefully.

Support/Add-Ins provides limited installation and setup support for MetaCart . You may e-mail us directly or post a message in our guest book. Should you discover any bugs in the application, please notify us so we can post any fixes to our master download file and provide information on this site to other users.

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